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Hall Green Health

Hall Green Health have transformed their private and business income using GP-Billing. The practice is now saving 73 days per annum, has improved their patient experience, and is capturing more income than ever.

Hall Green Health is a practice based in Birmingham serving 26,500 patients. The practice covers a wide area across both inner city and suburban demographics, offering a wide range of health and care services to a diverse mix of ethnicities and cultures.

With 44 clinical staff and 60 non-clinical team members supporting the practice including a larger than average patient list size, the practice has sought to implement a variety of digital processes in order to free-up time and make their operations more efficient by increasing their synergy with smart IT solutions.

“Technology plays a key role here at Hall Green Health in all departments both in helping patients to get the best possible quality of care and helping the staff to work smarter.” Jamal Syed IT Manager

Transforming billing with GP-Billing

Prior to implementing GP-Billing, the practice was reliant on paper forms and spreadsheets to capture, report and track payments for private work and third-party services. Now, a core team of 6 within the practice effectively use the GP-Billing software in their daily work.

A centralised billing system has been pivotal in ensuring data accuracy and giving the practice a 360 degree view of payments across all system users which range from Secretaries and Finance Personnel right through to Facilities Assistants.

Time saving with EMIS Integration and Single Sign On

Integrating with EMIS Web clinical system has saved the practice a substantial amount of time across receiving and raising payments.

“My favourite feature is the integration to EMIS because it reduces the duplication of the work capture the same information in multiple locations, it helps us to reduce errors, track outstanding payments and it is one less password to remember.” Jamal Syed IT Manager

Before GP-Billing



Bill raising process



Receiving payment process

With GP-Billing



Bill raising process



Receiving payment process

Hall Green Health has witnessed incredible savings in time by overhauling dated and manual processes that were previously out of sync with their clinical system which has resulted in released time for care and improving the patient experience. This has helped the practice work towards the NHS High Impact actions as set out in the Long Term Plan.

“Staff have managed to clear the backlog that we used to maintain while also using the time to assist other departments at peak times such as helping reception for the first hour of the day” IT Manager Jamal Syed

“It’s brilliant and saves me over a day and a half a month, before I was going through folders and paperwork and now it is all in one place.” Finance & Facilities Assistant Kayleigh Maund

The importance of security and on-demand reporting

By eliminating out of sync data and reliance on spreadsheets and networked documents, the practice has increased security and governance measures. As Jamal goes on to say “Having a system that encompasses security, reporting, integration and usability has proved invaluable, which has been born out by the uptake of the impressive system usage by Hall Green Health personnel.”

Multiple team members are able to report and record payment information more accurately than ever before. Usage of the system has also given the means for the practice to identify new chargeable private services such as travel shots for Rabies and Yellow Fever. Having the data easily available in an intuitive dashboard means that the practice is “confident that payments are not slipping through the net and we are only completing the work we are paid for”, IT Manager Jamal Syed.

“Myself and the private team feel it will be a great asset and working tool for private work ensuring accurate record keeping.” Sharon Friel, Office Manager

Saving 73 days per annum

GP-Billing and Hall Green Health worked together to model the time savings below through over a 12-month period. They illustrate the positive impact of the billing system.

Creating a Bill


Days Saved

Finance Team


Days Saved

Receiving Payment


Days Saved



Days Saved

Total Time Saved


Days Saved

“It is hard to imagine going back to our primitive paper and spreadsheets systems that we previously used. By using GP-Billing we are much more confident that payments are not slipping through the net and we are only completing the work we are paid for. Over the course of the year, we have worked out that we are saving around 73 days of staff time per year.”
Jamal Syed, IT Manager

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