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Northgate Surgery

Northgate Surgery is using GP Billing to increase data accuracy and is already raising on average 119 bills per month. With many Non-NHS Services and third-party clinics being provided by the practice, the organisation embraces new technologies and systems that work to streamline their systems and processes. 

“Technology is very important in being able to streamline how we work in order to ensure accuracy, confidentiality, and efficacy.”

Rebbecca Clegg, Deputy Practice Manager


Bills Raised
(on average per month)

With a larger than average patient list size of 12,751, Northgate Surgery in Wakefield, provides a range of vital primary care services to the local community. The practice specialise in running numerous on-site clinics ranging from Diabetes through to Endoscopy and Audiology, 20% of their patients are above 64 years old.

“GB Billing has enabled allowed us to tighten up on missed existing income streams”, Rebbecca Clegg, Deputy  Practice Manager

Working towards transformative goals

Improving data accuracy and information governance has given the practice confidence that patient details are correct and synchronised with their clinical system. GP Billing pulls data directly from SystmOne which improves data accuracy. Past issues meant that in some cases, patient details would have been entered incorrectly and/or duplicated.

The practice has moved from using a single spreadsheet to a system that can be accessed by the entire admin team, simultaneously – Rebecca shares that “GP Billing gives the practice the option for more people to working in the system at once.”

Further to the above benefit, only authorised staff have access to the systems and the Management Team has the ability to restrict and amend access levels. With a non-clinical practice team of 9, managing unexpected business change can be quick and easy.

A single source of truth for third-party outstanding debt and payments

With various third-party room booking fees and Non-NHS services, Northgate Surgery needed an easier way to record and reconcile fees. Rebecca reveals that GP Billing has empowered the team to do this in a much more efficient and transparent way:

“GP Billing gives us an easier way to look at what payments are outstanding so that we can chase payments when necessary and we can send a reminder invoice very easily with GP Billing.”

The organisation enjoys utilising the in-system capability to send out invoices and receipts via email. This feature is also enabling the practice to meet paperless goals which have been set out by the NHS Long Term Plan.

GP Billing is helping increase income capture and the ability to trend and analyse

The practice is pleased to report that GP Billing is allowing the Management Team to spot trends and analyse income streams.

“We have seen a high increase with all private work, particularly DVLA Private Medicals in Q1 of 2021. They have nearly doubled. We also would say this is now one of our top 5 services this year so far.

We also are seeing increases with our room bookings with Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, and Audiology as well as the other typical services you might get in most GP Surgeries.”. Rebecca Clegg, Deputy Practice Manager

“It is good that we can audit users and how many invoices have been done each month. We know that income is being kept in one area and more accurately recorded.”
Manager at Northgate
“I mostly use GP Billing to ‘pay’ bills through the ‘Outstanding Bills’ section. It is useful to see how much each supplier owes and to see all of the information relating to each supplier in one place.”
Finance Assistant at Northgate
“I think GP Billing is straight forward and once you have used the system a few times you get used to it and it makes things easier.”
Receptionist at Northgate

Having successfully embedded GP Billing, Rebecca summarises that “If any practice that provides a third-party service that requires on-site rooms to be booked, then this is particularly useful as standard templates are available to produce invoices. All income is located in one area and the platform can be used to analyse income levels in the reporting facility.”

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On average 1 in 10 bills are missed resulting in £5,000 lost revenue on average per annum. A robust billing system can help.