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Pickering Medical Practice

Pickering Medical Practice switched their paper-based billing processes to GP-Billing and the practice is now successfully capturing otherwise missed income.

Located in the historic market town of Pickering on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors, the medical practice runs two sites with a combined patient list size of 10,500

Prior to implementing digital billing software, Pickering Medical Practice were reliant on separate technologies to raise bills, such as paper-based receipt books, typed word processing documents and paper worksheets. Different departments across the surgery had to utilise non-centralised systems and manually record income for services such as travel injections and private letters.

The introduction of GP-Billing has allowed the practice to work in a more efficient and transparent way. Clinical system integration has further enabled the practice to accurately sync payment details to the patient record.

“The clinical system integration is very important as it helps stop patient names being misspelt and entered more than once. It also gives accurate details to look up the patient on the clinical system should there be any further information needed.” Carol Nabb, Finance Assistant

Improving governance through consistency

Accuracy of information is extremely important for the practice as it helps to minimise any governance risk whilst the reporting dashboard helps their teams to easily manage and check the status of payments.

“The ability to set up price lists within the system improves accuracy as it allows an item to be pre-set with regards to whether or not to charge VAT. The price lists on the system also helps to keep charges consistent across the Practice” Carol Nabb, Finance Assistant

Pickering Medical Practice introduced a published price list as a result of successfully embedding the system, the price list is now reviewed annually.

Capturing otherwise missed payments

Prior to GP-Billing, a centralised log wasn’t kept up to date making it difficult for the teams to get a 360 view of outstanding payments before patient tasks were processed. GP Billing now “facilitates the secretaries in confirming payments have been received before sending out certain reports”, said Carol Nabb.

Data on-demand

The Transaction and Aged Debt Reports have proved useful to the practice to enable them to identify and chase up outstanding payments. Further to this, payment types such as BACS and cards can be easily reported and confirmed using the system making it easy to reconcile and match transactions to patient payments.

GP-Billing has helped improved the billing workflow for Pickering Medical Practice and allowed the organisation to keep track of outstanding payments all whilst improving governance and reducing input errors.

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