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Capturing Practice Income:
Top Billable GP Services 2020

Access the report to learn about what types of income are currently being captured in UK practices with GP Billing.

Your practice could be missing out on valuable income, benchmark your organisation against our data.

Please use the income calculator further down to see what your billing revenue could be with GP Billing.

Top 25 Billable GP Services

Average value of Private GP Services and Income

Service % Splits (Aggregated)

Insight to help benchmark your Practice

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Actionable insight for 2021

The total difference in revenue (services billed) across our user base only decreased by 14% in 2020 than the previous 2019 period.

The Top 5 Billable Services can be seen in the graphic above are from a sample of over 100 which differ from practice to practice.

To find out more please download our report to see what the opportunity could be for your practice. 

    Income Capture Calculator

    The below calculator uses transaction data from our current user base to calculate an average value or worth per 1000 patients.

    *Based on the Average Value (per 1000 Patients) of Non-NHS and Private GP work billed across the GP Billing user base over 12 months.