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Primary Integrated Community Services

Successfully embedding GP Billing during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Primary Integrated Community Services (PICS) is based in Nottinghamshire and is unique because of the variety of community services and primary care it provides for NHS patients. Learn more about how PICS adopted new technology, including GP Billing, to support new ways work of working in response to the pandemic.

Introduction: Mary Barnes, Head of Client Engagement at GP Billing

Interview: Alison Rounce, Managing Director at PICS

Alison talks in detail about how and why general practices have had to adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cultures and attitudes toward providing patients services on the front-line have changed. With smart technology practice staff can help release much needed time. GP Billing’s paperless features has helped contribute to this positive change.

“We’ve had to adopt new ways of working including supporting technology to help us through the pandemic.”
Alison Rounce, Managing Director PICS

Interview: Lisa Chevalier-Crampton, Reception Manager at Hama Medical Centre

Lisa is an experienced Reception Manager with 19 years at Hama Medical Centre. GP Billing has enabled her team to work smarter by embracing paperless processes. She also discusses how GP Billing enabled patients to make payments without needing to come into practices during lockdown.

Lisa is confident that the system will continue to provide efficiencies for her team and loves using the system on a day-to-day basis.

“I would highly recommend GP Billing to other practices, the team love using the system… It works brilliantly alongside our clinical system with client integration and ease of use.”
Lisa Chevalier-Crampton, Reception Manager at Hama Medical Centre

Interview: David Hale, Finance and Corporate Manager at PICS

David has found GP Billing particularly useful within his role at PICS. By ensuring that finances and payment are reconciled correctly across sites –  he has found the system extremely helpful in tracking payments and debt.

Data accuracy is extremely important when dealing with information across an estate. GP Billing’s automated features have been useful in sending invoices and receipts via email and have been easy to keep track. Cashless payments through the system have also helped to reduce time spent on tasks.

“Everything is done electronically and managed without difficulty… this also facilitates the use of debit and credit card payment which means in these Covid times we are not having deal with physically going to the bank. ”
David Hale, Finance and Corporate Manager at PICS

Working together with

GP Billing would like to thank PICS for their help and support in producing this Success Story and video interviews during what has been and extremely busy time and challenging time. Their passion to share experiences and educate peer practices about efficiencies is commended. For more information about PICS please visit picsnhs.org.uk.

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